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Alchemy Gold is your trusted guide for mushroom exploration.

We believe in magic. The Magic of mushrooms and how they affect us.

We are seekers of delight, a companion of the unknown, and students of the mind.

Alchemy Gold will indulge your inquisitiveness and your hunger for self exploration.

psychedelic mushrooms
Mushroom Art


Our products are carefully crafted to the highest safety standards, so we can ensure that you are getting an accurate dose every time.

We are dedicated to ensuring that each of our products is accurately dosed with the best locally sourced full fruiting mushrooms, and organic fair trade chocolate.



Alchemy Gold was born out of a desire to give people what neither the pharmaceutical industry nor supplements have provided: safe, effective consumables that pair long-term benefits with immediate boosts to cognitive functioning.

Mushroom Fins
Cacao Pods

Alexa Y, ON

"Since trying Alchemy Gold Co.'s Brain Boost microdose chocolate cubes, I have noticed a significant improvement in my focus and productivity. I no longer struggle to stay on task and have even noticed improvements in my memory and ability to retain information. These chocolate cubes are a game-changer!"

Morgan J, BC

"I recently tried Alchemy Gold Co.'s Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar and was blown away by the rich and satisfying flavor. Not only was it delicious, but I also appreciated that it was free of additives, gluten, soy, dairy and nuts, which can be hard to find in a chocolate bar. I was even more pleased to experience the desired effects that this bar had on my overall well-being. I will definitely be a repeat customer and highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a guilt-free indulgence!"

Lisa D, ON

"I am thrilled to write a review for Alchemy Gold Co. I have been a loyal customer for years and can confidently say that their accuracy of dosing is spot on. Their chocolates are not only wonderfully decadent but also pack quite a punch in terms of potency. What sets them apart from the competition is their commitment to quality, reliability and discretion. I love that I can trust them to deliver amazing ingredients every time."


Wholesale Inquiry?

If you have inquiries regarding wholesale orders,

please contact Alchemy Gold at

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