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micro dosing mushrooms


We have been working within the plant medicine realm, researching, testing and formulating with the best quality and locally sourced chocolate and full fruiting mushrooms to create something powerful and delicious—part of a wellness routine that you can look forward to each day.

We are passionate about the potential for psilocybin mushrooms to help heal trauma, manage everyday stresses and bring people joy.

Meet Our Founders

Alchemy Gold is a female-founded company created by Polina, a food scholar, community-builder, and a branding authority who has built inventive, forward-thinking cannabis and plant wellness brands, and Tanya, creative director, wellness educator, designer, and good vibes dealer. ​ The duo spent years collaborating to develop a microdosing product that individuals felt comfortable having out on their counter as opposed to having it hidden away in a drawer. Yes, other products work great, but current designs in the market perpetuate the stigma surrounding this medicine, which may leave individuals feeling like they need to hide what they are doing. ​ Polina and Tanya were tired of seeing melting faces on boxes and the same generic rainbow colours that brands use. Their team’s knowledge combined with the utmost premium products provides a rebirth and rebranding of the current psychedelic standard that is on the market today, while staying true to what they believe this medicine has to offer.

micro dosing mushrooms
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