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Sex on Magic Mushrooms: How to Set Your Setting

Sex on Magic Mushrooms: How to Set Your Setting

From encounters with sexually charged wizards to falling in love by trip’s end, fornicating on fungi is beautiful and bizarre in equal measure. But before you go transforming your body into psychedelic pools, here’s what every lustful psychonaut needs to know.

For better or for worse, psilocybin induces transformational experiences. A couple may find peace, suspended in a series of ego-disintegrating, ethereal orgasms. However, the same couple on a different trip may become bugged out by the intricacies of the human body and not even be able to accept a kiss without inviting mental chaos. Sex on shrooms is delicate. Once you hop on mycelium’s magic carpet ride, you can never be sure how the journey will unravel. Bad trips happen, whether or not physical intimacy is involved, so it’s best to be prepared.

If you take a moderate dose, it’s probably going to be fun and keep you present in your body and with your partner. If you’re at a higher dose [around 3 grams and above], you might feel overwhelmed or very vulnerable. With so much sensation, the thought of having sex on top [of tripping hard] can be too intense.

However, sometimes intensity and absurdity can lead to hilarious events that can still deepen connection even when sex fails.

Some psychonauts prefer taking a microdose (around one 10th of a psychedelic dose) or a moderate dose to facilitate intimacy. On a smaller amount, you will still be present in your body and safe from visuals but can appreciate the reward of enhanced emotions and sensitivity to touch that a lower dosage can still bring.

Prepare your nest for everything the trip may bring and have some harm reduction techniques in place. We always recommend being cautious of your hydration levels and turning the AC on to avoid dehydrating or overheating during sex. It is also warned that your body temperature can change quickly, and you can also get chilly fast. To remedy this, ensure you have fans, soft blankets, and water nearby, so you’re prepared for any scenario mushrooms may throw your way.

To help with your magical sexual experience, we have created a list of rules to live by when taking a psilocybin journey with your partner for pleasure, but it is also a good guide to use when you are planning to journey in any situation.

1. Full, sober consent is first and foremost.

Just like you technically can’t give full legal consent after you’ve had a few drinks, you definitely can’t consider someone saying yes to sex while tripping on shrooms actual consent.

In order to ensure you and your partner(s) are in a safe, mutually agreed upon environment, it’s essential that everyone consents before you turn on, tune in, and drop out.

2. Make sure you’re with someone you fully trust.

Again, I really can’t stress this enough. Tripping and fooling around with a one-night stand might sound fun on paper, but if you’re not with someone you’re already familiar and comfortable with, this could quickly turn into a very negative experience.

3. Set yourself up in a sexy, safe environment.

Have we mentioned the importance of set and setting yet? These are vital things to consider with any psychotropic experience, but when we’re dealing with sex on mushrooms, it’s especially important.

Sex on shrooms is best experienced with someone you’re comfortable with, and that experience gets even better when you’re in an environment you feel safe in.

If you’re doing it at home, throw on some fresh sheets, set some cozy mood lighting, and maybe even light a few candles.

4. Know your limit.

Magic mushrooms affect everyone differently, depending on the amount you take, the size of your body, how much you’ve eaten that day, your tolerance level, and more.

You might feel more comfortable microdosing, especially if it’s your first time.

Stay safe and start slow. You can’t reverse the trip if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

5. Time the trip correctly.

Another important element to consider is the timing of it all. Most users who regularly incorporate shrooms into their sex lives report that the experience is best when they wait until after the trip’s peak.

Having sex at the peak can be way too intense, especially if you’re rendered speechless or completely overwhelmed by the shrooms’ effects.

Instead, the comedown might be the perfect time to get intimate: sensations are softened, and you’re likely basking in the afterglow of a spiritual experience.

6. Be prepared to experience cosmic lust and make a real connection.

Shrooms are known for the feeling of connection and “oneness” with the world, and this can definitely be felt during sex.

This is why it’s so important to do it with someone you’re fully comfortable with. Shrooms and sex can make you feel like you’re falling in love, and if you’re not with the right person, that can leave you in an incredibly vulnerable position.

Stay safe, be smart, and proceed with caution, enthusiasm, and an open mind to what can be a truly incredible experience – if done right.

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